Tuesday, October 3, 2023
(Photo courtesy Tricia Shelton)

Vienna-Goreville Eagles Football will not Play Varsity Season

The Vienna-Goreville football Eagles will not play a traditional varsity season in 2021.

A statement received by The Vienna Times from VHS Athletic Director David Hill Wednesday morning laid out the situation:

“Vienna-Goreville Football is down to 19 rostered players: 1 Senior, 4 Juniors, 9 Sophomores, and 5 Freshmen.  We have a total of 5 linemen. Our football coaching staff does not believe we can safely be competitive in varsity football at this time. If we subject our kids to a varsity schedule this season we feel we will lose the ones that we have. Our football coaching staff is willing to play a JV game with any of our opponents who are willing. Our coaching staff feels that this may be our only chance to salvage football at this time. We had 6 returning contributors that decided not to play. We will post a schedule once the Black Diamond Conference opponents determine how they choose to proceed.”

The Vienna Times will share the updated schedule when it becomes available. AD Hill also shared that the JV game scheduled for Friday is still on, and that the upcoming 2022 season looks more encouraging for the roster,  “This Friday the, Vienna-Goreville Eagles will travel to Sesser-Valier for a JV contest beginning at 7:00 p.m.  We do have some promising numbers from the 8th grade, and likely will have 18 returning players next season to bring us back up to Varsity competition for the 2022 season.”