Friday, April 23, 2021

I’ve Never Been This Age Before!

By Rosemary O’Keefe

Hello! The virus scare and my health have not been too trying for me to stay in; however, I do miss the interaction I often had as I got out and about.

I recently had an at-home experience that gave me a philosophical and humorous review of my reactions to an event. I call this event my three-and-a-half minutes of being a millionaire.

On Tuesday, November 24 at about 10 a.m., I received a phone call telling me I was Publisher’s Clearing House announcing I had won five million dollars and also a brand new foreign car. I confess, I do send my lucky numbers back to them when they tell me I am close to winning. I’m teased a lot about this but I remind the teaser I never buy anything they are selling.

I noticed it being a message with a foreign accent so I answered with, “Oh yes, and how much money do I send you to receive this generous gift?” He acted a bit hostile and replied this was no joke, this was Publisher’s Clearing House and they would be at my home the next morning at 11:30 a.m. and did I want it to be confidential or publicized. I answered, “confidential.”

That is when my mind shifted gears and the following thoughts began to quickly surface. First, I thought, I must call my daughter Patty, as soon as this conversation is over. She is one of my teasers. Oh, my goodness! Five millions is a lot of money; who will I give that car to? I have a hair appointment with Barb at noon, maybe I’ll ask her to come to the event. Then, I thought, she’s too busy for that. My last feverish thought was what in the world will I wear?!

By then, the scammer was asking me if all this happening would be all night. I quickly said, “when are you going to ask me for money?” This seemed to anger him, and he said, “Why are you so angry about all this, if you don’t want this there are plenty of people who do.”

I replied, “Because I am an old lady and we are warned about you people.” He promptly said he was through with me and he hung up.

What happened to me next surprised me. I began to wonder if, by chance, it was all true. Then, I remembered the foreign accent and his anger at me and knew it was a hoax, but yet I felt a great loss. I began to doubt it all. I pondered while at what had happen and used of my favorite ways to change thought pattern that I’m not comfortable with. I see the humor in this experience. My concerns for who I was going to give the car to and what I was going to wear brought on the biggest giggles.

When I tell this story to others I always begin by saying, “I was a millionaire for about three-and-a-half minutes and here’s what happened…”

Oh yes, Patty looked up Publisher’s Clearing House and they warned about scammers using their company and repeated several times they would never cal winner. They notify by mail. Oh my, I hope I don’t get one of those!

More later

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