Friday, January 15, 2021

Former Deputy Harner Found Guilty of Reckless Homicide, Aggravated DUI

Former Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy Cyle W. Harner was found guilty of one count of Reckless Homicide while operating a motor vehicle, one count of Aggravated DUI resulting in an accident causing the death of an individual and one count of aggravated DUI resulting in an accident causing great bodily harm to an individual by the honorable Judge Todd Lambert on Thursday, November 19th. The charges are a Class 3, 2 and 4 felony respectively.

Harner was charged with all three counts in connection with a single-vehicle accident that occured on March 22, 2018 which resulted in the death of Troy Newman, 24, and the permanent injury of Tyler Inman, 27.

Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson represented the state with Todd Taplin represented Mr. Harner. A sentencing hearing has been set for January 22, 2021 at 1 p.m. For the full story on the trial, pick up the November 26 issue of the Vienna times, or subscribe to the e-edition for digital access.

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