Thursday, May 19, 2022

Vienna High School considers deploying Wi-Fi-equipped buses throughout the county, asks community for input

From Vienna High School Superintendent Josh Stafford

We are looking into various ways to increase internet access to better accommodate remote learning. While I know that we do not have the perfect solution to every question during this time, it is important to make gains and improvements where we can. We are looking to park some of our Wi-Fi buses around the county where access is currently not available. Please share with me places that would be safe and have decent cellphone coverage so that we can better determine where to locate these Wi-Fi buses. As a note, the buses would be secured with students being able to pull up or walk up and access the Wi-Fi from anywhere outside of the bus.

If you know of any existing publicly open Wi-Fi, please let me know and I will add it to the published list. Suggestions may be made at 618) 658-4461.

Currently these locations are open and continuing to offer public access Wi-Fi from the following buildings:

Vienna High School

601 North First Street, Vienna, IL 62995

Fellowship Baptist Church

890 Senior Drive, Vienna, IL 62995

Vienna McDonald’s

707 East Vine Street, Vienna, IL 62995


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