Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Firefighters’ loved ones form Auxiliary

By Jessica Wettig


Loved ones of Vienna Firefighters have formed the Vienna Fire Department Auxiliary.

Brit McClellan, auxiliary president and wife of firefighter Gabriel McClellan, said the group started the process of forming the organization a year ago. The auxiliary went into action this year.

The group had to go through some red tape before establishing an official auxiliary, such as establishing bylaws and picking a name. There was also some paperwork that needed to be filed.

“We’re a close-knit group,” said Brit. “We all have someone who works for the fire department.”

The group consists of eight members. Sabrina Black is the Secretary, and she is married to VFD firefighter Jared Black. Tracy Williams is the Treasurer, and her husband is Vienna Fire Chief Brent Williams.

Becky Elliot is the Vice President , and she is married to VFD firefighter Paul Elliott. Kathy Hupe is married to firefighter Steve Hupe. Judy Hayden is the mother of firefighter Nathan Hayden.

Melanie Wright is married to Vienna Assistant Fire Chief Scott Wright. Clea Russell is married to firefighter Dale Russell.

Brit said the auxiliary and firefighters are passionate about what they do, and for the community. A big part of the organization’s goals consists of community outreach, as well as safety and funding.

Having loved ones as firefighters, the auxiliary members are well aware of the equipment and safety measures needed to get the firefighters’ job done right. They seek to make sure the fire department has everything they need.

The auxiliary is currently selling raffle tickets for a P938 9mm Luger firearm. They have a maximum of 300 tickets that will be sold, and Brit said they are selling fast.

Those who purchase tickets must have a valid Illinois FOID card. The gun will be available at Tactical Outfitters in Vienna. Tickets are $10 each, and can be purchased from Auxiliary and Fire Department members.

The auxiliary has several plans for future events, including a booth at the Junque Jamboree. They will be raffling a rocking horse.

Brit said the auxiliary and fire department is grateful for the abundance of community support they have been given. They are in the process of plenty several more future events.

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