Sunday, February 25, 2024

Vienna Grade School named exemplar for public schools

Vienna School District 55 was recognized in a recent publication as an exemplar for public schools in Illinois.

Over the past year, IFF, the largest nonprofit community development institution (CDFI) in the Midwest, completed “Raising Quality, Promoting Equity: An Analysis of Location, Performance, and Investment in Illinois Public Schools.”

The study, supported by stakeholders from across the state’s public education community, recommends a strategic and holistic approach to school improvement that combines performance, funding and return on investment (ROI) to meet the state’s goal of guaranteeing access to high-performing schools for every child.

Towards the end of the report, they profile several “Bright Spots for Future Investment,” one of which is Vienna School District 55.

These districts were cost-effectively meeting the needs of their students, reaching them with effective academic preparation even in the face of funding gaps.

By conducting in-depth profiles of a few representative examples of these underfunded districts with high return on investment, the report looks not only to lift up the work of passionate educators across the state but also to argue that a well-resourced and equitable school funding formula should help boost academic outcomes.