Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Due dates for real estate taxes and mobile home taxes

Friday, Sept. 22 is the last day to pay the second installment of the real estate taxes without interest for Johnson County residents.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 25, there will be 3 percent interest on any unpaid first installment and one and a half interest on any unpaid second installment.

The county accepts postmarks and residents can still pay by credit card on the phone at 1-844-697-4513 or online at www.govtechtaxpro.com.

Note that the payments made in the treasurer’s office cannot be made by credit card. They accept cash, check or money order only in the office.

Second installment payments may also be made at SouthernTrust Bank in Goreville until Friday, Sept. 22.

After that date, they will no longer accept tax payments for this year.

Also, mobile home payments are due on Sept. 22. Any payments received on Sept. 25 will be charged the delinquent charge of $25 per month.

Mobile home payments cannot be made over the phone or online.

The treasurer’s office will be open through noon hour next week, Sept. 18-22, for your convenience.

As a reminder, there is also a locked drop box for payments located outside the treasurer’s door.

Any payments put into the drop box on Friday night through the weekend will be treated as if they were mailed on Sept. 22 and will not be charged the interest on the second installment.

Any payments put into this box when the office is closed will be checked both morning and after lunch.

For more information, call the treasurer’s office at 618-658-8042.

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