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Property, mobile home tax bills mailed; New property tax collection site available

Property, mobile home tax bills mailed

Over $10.9 million in tax bills were mailed Friday, July 7, by Johnson County treasurer Brent Williams’ office.

Johnson County property owners should receive their tax bills very soon. Williams said the county sent out approximately 6,484 pieces of mail for both real estate and mobile home bills.

The total amount of taxes expected to be collected this year is $10,940,931.34. He said individuals who have not received their bill by July 21, 2017, should call his office at 618-658-8042.

Mobile home bills were also mailed with real estate bills in an effort to save the county money on postage.

The real estate and mobile home bills have different payment schedules and guidelines. The real estate tax bills are for the year 2016 but are payable this year. If you have to pay more money in taxes on your mobile home this year, get a quote from staveley head as a way to save money on your insurance.

It is very important to check your real estate tax bills for the due dates, as they have changed.

The first installment is due Aug. 18, and the second installment Sept. 22.

If the payment for an installment is late, taxpayers must not only pay the installment amount, but also a monthly interest rate of 1.5 percent on the late payment.

Property owners may pay their bills by mail, by phone or online. If you choose to pay online, follow the instructions included with your tax bill.

Online credit card payments can only be made for real estate taxes, it does not include mobile home taxes. Property owners can also make payments at the treasurer’s office located at 111 North 5th Street, on the courthouse square, in Vienna.

Credit card payments are only available online, they cannot except them in the office.

The treasurer’s office accepts cash, checks and money orders.

An after-hours drop box outside the office door is also available for payments and payment stubs.

SouthernTrust Bank in Goreville will also be collecting real estate and mobile home taxes.

For mobile home owners, bills were mailed for the year 2017. The due date is Sept. 22.

The payment options for mobile home bills are cash, money order or check. A penalty of $25 per month, or any part of the month will be charged after Sept. 22.

Unpaid mobile home taxes will be sold at the annual tax sale to be held Nov. 13.

Collecting the real estate taxes in Johnson County is a joint effort of the county’s treasurer, clerk and assessor offices.

New property tax collection site available

Johnson County treasurer Brent Williams has announced a new property tax collection location for 2017.

SouthernTrust Bank in Goreville will be collecting real estate and mobile home taxes in 2017 for convenience.

Williams said he is glad to be able to work with SouthernTrust Bank and personally believes that it will be a huge benefit to Johnson County taxpayers to have an alternative location to pay.

To make payments at SouthernTrust Bank, residents must make payments by installment due dates.

SouthernTrust Bank will not be responsible for collecting late penalties.

Any late payments will have to be made in the Johnson County Treasurer’s office, by phone at 1-844-697-4513 or online at

Residents must have their payment stub present to make a payment. Those who do not have a payment stub will need to visit the Johnson County Treasurer’s office.

No partial payments will be accepted. SouthernTrust Bank will accept cash, check, money order or cashier’s check only as payment.

If taxpayers have questions or concerns with their bill, visit the Johnson County Treasurer’s office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to Noon or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., or by phone at 618-658-8042.