Friday, May 24, 2019

Youngest person elected onto Vienna City Council

Austin Tuey

By Lindsey Rae Vaughn

The City of Vienna has made history. Austin Tuey, 19 years-old, will be the youngest person to serve on the city council.

He will be taking Alderman Chesley Williams’ position during the May 3 meeting.

Vienna mayor, Jon Simmons, asked Tuey if he would be interested in the position. Tuey previously worked for Simmons.

“He seemed to have interest in me because I’m a good worker,” Tuey said.

“I’d like to give back to my community.”

After a discussion with his mother, Tuey agreed to run. Since he ran unopposed in the April 4 election, he won.

Tuey has lived in Johnson County his whole life and graduated from Vienna High School.

On top of his councilman duties, Tuey also attends school, is on the fire department and works two jobs, one being his own business Tuey’s Trim N Cut.

“I’m more of an outdoorsy type person, so I have to be outdoors,” Tuey said.

“I love to work. I can’t sit at home and play video games…I always got to be out doing something and helping the community.”

By being involved with so many things, he has opportunities to speak with several people in the community.

“I have ideas that I thought would be good for the city…I have a lot of good ideas from the people that I’ve talked to,” he said.

His main focus, once on the council, will be installing a tornado siren.

“I want to take care of the safety of our citizens,” he said.

“You never know when disaster is going to strike, especially in a small town such as Vienna.”

Tuey said he plans to search for grants to help fund the siren.

He also says citizens he’s spoken to have raised concerns about the road conditions and it’s a issue he’s hoping to address in the future.

Though Tuey doesn’t have professional political experience, he had served as FFA chaplain and FFA reporter in the Vienna High School FFA organization.

Tuey said a career in politics may be in his future, but being on the city council is mostly about helping his community.

“I have to see where it goes,” he said.

Tuey said being so young gives him an edge because he is bringing new ideas in for the younger generation.

Tuey said school, work, a social life and community responsibilities can be a hassle sometimes, but he just takes it day by day.

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