Friday, September 18, 2020

Johnson County Youth League football wins conference championship

The 7th – 8th grade Johnson County Youth League Eagles dominated the division championship on Saturday night, defeating the Eldorado Eagles 28-0.

The varsity team held the then undefeated Eldorado Eagles for short gains in their opening drive forcing them to turn the ball over on 4th down. Then with a show of power they marched the ball to the JCYL Eagles red zone, before being stopped short by their opponent.

Eldorado was able to complete two plays before the end of the first quarter, leaving the score 0-0 going into the second.

championship-gameJCYL Eagles would go on to stop Eldorado after making one 4th down conversion. Shortly after regaining possession JCYL scored, kicking off what would soon become a runaway victory for the JCYL Eagles.

JCYL would go on to dominate Eldorado on both sides of the ball while controlling the tempo of the game.

This is the first time the JCYL Eagles have won the 7th-8th grade Black Diamond JR Pro Conference Championship.

The 5th-6th grade Eagles went into their championship game Saturday evening with a record breaking 5-0 stand in the Black Diamond JR Pro Conference. It would not be their night though.

At the half the JV Eagles were behind 24-14. They would continue to fight throughout the 4th quarter with the game ending in favor of Eldorado 36-20.

The JCYL Eagles 5th-6th grade team end the conference with a very respectable 2nd place seating for the second year in a row.

The JCYL 7th-8th grade Eagles will play Murphysboro at SIU stadium Saturday, October 1, at 5 p.m.

Unless they find a pick-up game the 5th-6th Eagles will have a couple weeks off before playing Ballard Co, Kentucky at home Oct. 26th.

Please visit JCYL Eagles Football facebook page for pictures, scores, standings, and current information.

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