Saturday, June 15, 2019

Residents vote to keep county government downtown

Total Chart Sheet1Due to the public uproar over the past few weeks on the topic of the future location of the Johnson County courthouse, we at The Vienna Times saw this as the perfect opportunity to let the voice of the community be heard. In conducting a poll on our Facebook page, over 300 current and former residents of Johnson County (nearly 250 current residents) voted overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the county courthouse on the Vienna Square.

Total votes are as followed:

304 in favor of keeping the courthouse on or adjacent to the square

9 in favor of the proposed site in the Vienna Industrial Park

Chart 12 in favor of somewhere else*

*Although there were two votes in favor of “somewhere else,” no comments were left indicating a preferred place.

Included in the voting were two of the three county commissioners: Ernie Henshaw and Fred Meyer. Henshaw voted in favor of keeping the courthouse on or near the square, while Meyer (and his wife Trish’s joint account) voted for the industrial park site. Chairman Phil Stewart did not partake in voting.

Others Votes Sheet1For a more in depth look at the voting, please check out the graphs accompanying this article.

Information on residency was provided by the individual users’ Facebook pages.


Editor’s Note

We would like to point out the results shown are from our second conducted Facebook poll. Our first poll’s results were compromised due to participants being able to vote multiple times. We received spam votes upwards of 500 within an hour, which brought the problem to our attention. We hope this poll better reflects the views of the citizens of Johnson County.

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