Sunday, August 18, 2019

County treasurer wants businesses aware of sales tax

By Lindsey Rae Vaughn

The additional one percent County Public Facilities Tax went into effect July 1 in Johnson County.

However, according to Johnson County Treasurer and Collector Brent Williams, some businesses have contacted his office and said they hadn’t been notified.

“I want businesses to be aware that they are supposed to be collecting that additional one percent,” Williams said.

Williams said the Illinois Department of Revenue told him if businesses filed their taxes electronically, they got a bulletin emailed to them. If not, they were mailed the notice.

The Illinois Department of Revenue released an informational bulletin, which gave a summary of the changes. It was dated May 2016.

However, information pertaining specifically to Johnson County was on the bottom of the last page of the four page summary.

About 3 to 4 businesses let Williams know they were not notified of the tax change or when they were supposed to start collecting the extra tax.

As of July 1, Johnson County’s sales tax is 7.75 percent.

The money collected from the recently added sales tax will go specifically towards the new county office buildings and demolition or land purchase, if needed, according to Williams.

Williams said he requested a list of businesses in Johnson County that pays into sales tax from the Illinois Department of Revenue.

If he receives the list, he plans to send a letter out to businesses as a reminder.

To view the online bulletin, click here.

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