Thursday, May 24, 2018

Welcome to the real world kids

StaffEighth graders at Vienna Grade School had an opportunity Friday morning to experience first-hand how the real world works when it comes to personal finances. University of Illinois Extension staff hosted an educational program at the school called “Welcome to the Real World.” During the program, students selected their own career. Each career included different income levels. Once the students selected their career, they were given a checkbook with the appropriate amount of money deposited based on their income.

real world 2Each student then visited eight stations; housing, utilities, entertainment, transportation, clothing, groceries, insurance and chance; where they were allowed to spend their money accordingly. At each station students were given several pricing options. It was the responsibility of the students to budget their money, select the most affordable options available to them, and to accurately maintain their check registry.

Some students found themselves running out of money before visiting all the stations.

Vienna FFA students and 4-H team leaders assisted with the program held in the old gym.

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