Friday, September 18, 2020

River to River Relay this weekend

Relay SimpsonThe River to River Relay will be held Saturday, April 16.

Two thousand runners from across the country will be crossing Johnson County as they make their way to the finish line in Golconda.

The race begins early Saturday morning at McGee Hill in LaRue Pine Hills near the Mississippi River in Union County.

Runners will enter Johnson County just west of Goreville. The course makes it way through Goreville to Tunnel Hill Road, crossing U.S. Rt. 45 at Tunnel Hill School.

From there, they will race across Gilead Church Road to Simpson. Runners will travel on Ill. Rt. 147 to the county line.

Motorist are encouraged to avoid the race course, as it will be congested with runners and support vehicles. If you must drive on the course, please use extreme caution.

There are seven exchange staging areas in Johnson County. Each will be extremely crowded with team members encouraging their teammates and other spectators.

Johnson County sheriff’s department, Goreville police and Illinois State Police will be patrolling the course to ensure the safety of the visiting runners.

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