Monday, May 29, 2023

Pink pumpkins in Cypress

Cypress Elementary School recently participated in “Pink Pumpkins for a Purpose” to increase Breast Cancer Awareness in Southern Illinois.

Taylor Farms of Vienna and Travis Family Farms of Belknap donated pumpkins to the school for the students and staff to paint pink.

For every picture of a pink pumpkin that was uploaded to a local radio station’s web page, money was donated by various businesses in Southern Illinois.  Each pumpkin uploaded picture meant a donation of $5.00.

Students at Cypress painted approximately 180 pumpkins pink. This means that approximately $800 or more will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness because of the efforts of Cypress Elementary School.

After the pumpkins were painted pink, the pumpkins were arranged in the shape of a pink ribbon on the front lawn of the school.