Monday, May 29, 2023
Looking for a friend to play with? Sit on this bench and they will come!

Buddy Bench to create lasting friendships

Buddy Bench signNew Simpson Hill School (NSH) has a new fixture on their playground.  It is known as  the “Buddy Bench” and was donated by the NSH Youth for Christ group.

The purpose of the Buddy Bench is to assist students in finding a friend to play with.  The student who wishes for a friend to play with simply sits on the bench and all students know that is a signal that that particular student wants to play but feels too shy to ask anyone.

After seeing the idea in the student paper called Scholastic News, members of the Youth for Christ worked to raise funds in order to purchase the bench for their school.

Mrs. Rhonda Hill, a playground supervisor, reports that the bench is fulfilling its purpose as she often sees students sit down on the bench and in a short time another student will approach the bench and then both kids go off to play.

Youth for Christ was established at NSH in 1999 and looks for ways to serve others in their school and community.