Saturday, March 23, 2019

Farm Bureaus hold Safety Day Camp at Vienna park

Johnson, Massac, Union and Pulaski-Alexander County Farm Bureaus joined efforts to host a Safety Day Camp Thursday, Sept. 24, for 4th grade students in five counties. Over 400 students and teachers attended the event at the Vienna City Park to learn more about safety awareness in our rural area.

The schools participating in the annual event included Vienna, New Simpson Hill, Egyptian, Dongola, Meridian, Jefferson, Franklin, Davis, Lick Creek, Cobden and Century.

The Safety Day Camp is sponsored by the four county Farm Bureaus, local Country Financial representatives, County Financial Corporation and several other local organization.

Twenty six professionals and volunteers presented a number of quality safety sessions for the event.

Sessions included:

JCAS at Satety Day1) First aid and 911: An ambulance was on site for the students to walk through, along with the local Air Evac Life Team helicopter;

2) Fire safety: A fire truck and first responder vehicle were shown to the students along with information about what the local fireman have to wear to protect themselves;

3) Gun safety: A local certified hunter safety instructor taught about the importance of hunter responsibility and firearms;

4) Exercise safety: University of Illinois food nutrition personnel explained the importance of proper nutrition and water consumption while being active and fit;

5) Poison-look-a-like: Southern FS environmental safety specialist provided a hands-on activity for the students to identify items that look like candy/Kool-Aid/and other food items, that were actually potentially harmful due to the fact that they look similar;

6) Bites and stings: Shawnee Community College biology department and Federal wetlands center employees provided hands-on identification of venomous snakes and spiders, to help students learn what to look for when they are encountered;

7) Electrical safety: Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative provided a mini live-line demonstration that allowed for the students to see what can happen if they touch a power line and what to do if they find a downed line;

8) Lawnmower safety: Shawnee Community College agriculture students provided information on basic mowing in your yard and what can happen if you are not aware of your surroundings; and

9) Farm safety: Shawnee College agriculture students provide information about gravity flow wagons and their danger if you play around them or their PTO shaft;

10) ATV safety: Illinois State Police educational officer Greg Miller discussed the importance of ATV safety.

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