Thursday, May 23, 2019

Illegal dumping becomes problem at city park

Police will be cracking down on offenders

The City of Vienna warns everyone that dumping garbage at the Vienna City Park is considered ‘illegal dumping’ and punishable by law. In recent months the illegal dumping has increased.

Security cameraVienna Police Chief Jim Miller said his department will be cracking down on offenders. Each time the dumpsters are emptied the city and its taxpayers have to pay a pickup fee.

The city recently installed security cameras in strategic locations throughout the park, including two near the recycling bins and dumpsters. The cameras were intended to hinder vandalism and crime, as well as increase safety for park-goers. Now they are helping to catch dumping violators.

The photo above was taken July 29 showing the extent of the dumping issue. At right, signs are posted warning of illegal dumping and littering. Above the signs are two security cameras.

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