Thursday, June 21, 2018

Can of hairspray explodes, causes heavy damage to home

Explosion damage
The aftermath left by an exploding can of hairspray.

By Mike Kolb

An unexpected and violent explosion rocked the quiet community of Goreville. It was a peaceful afternoon at 107 Skyline Drive. Vernon Davis was home with his three year old while his wife was at work. Davis’s potty-trained toddler went to the bathroom and then returned to his father.

Unbeknownst to Davis the child had turned on his wife’s hair drier as it lay on the bathroom counter. A hair drier that was pointed at a can of hairspray.

As Davis and his child toiled away in the garage their house was suddenly shaken, the can of hair spray was heated to the point of combustion. Davis, thinking that a gas line had blown grabbed up the toddler and rushed next door to the neighbor entrusting his child’s safety with them while he returned to investigate what had happened in their home.

The bathroom door had been closed and the window shut. When the can exploded the rapid increase in air pressure needed room to escape. The bathroom door splintered and broke under the force, the window burst from its frame. The shower stall was separated from the wall and the top of the toilet broke. The walls were scorched, the ceiling caved in, and a basket which had held the bathroom’s toiletries was ablaze.

Davis called the fire department, but had managed to extinguish the small foot tall flames with a toilet plunger before the emergency responders arrived on the scene.

Davis said afterward he called his wife and told her, “honey, the bathroom exploded.”

The aftermath left by an exploding can of hairspray. 

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