Friday, December 9, 2022
More than 300 runners entered the Tunnel Hill State Trail in Vienna, Illinois, Saturday morning with hopes of improving their fastest time of completing 100 or 50 miles.

First Tunnel Hill State Trail 100/50 mile in Vienna, Illinois

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– Photos by Lonnie Hinton, The Vienna Times ©

Vienna’s first international event began early this morning.

Over 300 endurance runners from across the United States, and three other countries, kicked off the first Tunnel Hill State Park 100 Mile and 50 Mile Runs this morning, Saturday, Nov. 15, in Vienna, Illinois.

With temperatures in the upper-teens prior to the 8:00 a.m. (CST) start, it took no time for participants to realize they had over-dressed. By noon the temperatures rose to near 40.

The first 50-mile runner is expected to cross the finish line early this afternoon.

100-mile runners should finish late this evening.

The two races, running simutaniously, began Saturday morning at the Vienna City Park.

Runners traveled south to the Cache River Wetland Center near Cypress, IL., and turned back for their first official time-check in Vienna, before heading north to the famous tunnel to a turn around north of the tunnel, and back to Vienna.

50 mile runners completed this course once, while 100-milers will repeat the entire course.Top 25 50-mile runners at TH 100-50

Additional details of today’s race will be posted as they become available.

TH at BelknapTH at Bridges crossingTH between Belknap and CypressTH 2014TH Belknap TH first 50 miler

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