Monday, July 23, 2018

Cheers buys “The Old Home Place” building

By Darrell Venus

For months now, many Goreville residents have bemoaned the loss of their only full-sized family restaurant “The Old Home Place.”  It had become synonymous with good food and a friendly, relaxed dining atmosphere.  Since its closing, rumors have abounded about the future of the now empty building and lot.  Will it re-open, has someone already bought it, will another restaurant open there?  Who? When? What?  But alas, the rumors were just that, rumors.  Until now!

According to the former owner of the property, Bob Wolfe of Goreville, the property has now been officially sold to the same company that owns the local Cheers convenience store and service station.  New owner, Nathan Long of Paducah, also confirmed that the same company who owns Cheers has now completed the purchase of The Old Home Place land and facilities.

While exact plans have not yet been decided upon, Long says the broad plans are to convert the business to a larger gasoline and diesel fueling station capable of handling more and larger vehicles; to make a small convenience store type area in the building; and to offer an expanded area for a family oriented restaurant with a restaurant-like menu and services.  Long said that since the initial purchase has just been completed, specific blueprints and outlines are still in the early planning stages.

Design decisions still have to be made.  Costs and overall budget considerations will play a major role in how the finished product will look and work.  The new owners are moving forward as quickly as possible, and the next few months should be exciting.  Goreville will see another renovation blossom into reality and will enjoy the benefits of another expansion in the local economy.

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