Thursday, November 15, 2018

Vienna welcomes Vienna residents


This past weekend Vienna had the pleasure of welcoming two Vienna, Austria residents to town. Jasmin Al-Kattib and Richard Kromp are three weeks into their trek across the United States visiting ten Viennas of the U.S. The two interviewed and filmed several sites around town collecting snippets of Vienna, Illinois’ history and culture. We were number seven of their ten stop trip. They will be concluding with Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia before flying back home to Austria in two weeks. Once they have completed their documentary they hope to enter it in film festivals both in Austria and the U.S.

The pair are taking the same trip that brought another Vienna, Austria native to Southern Illinois in 1981. Michael Freund, a colleague of the filmmakers, visited all 13 Viennas in the U.S. bringing him to Vienna, Illinois. The Vienna Times archives show Freund sitting with the newspaper staff in early August.

Above they took a lunch break at one of Vienna’s classic eateries, Ned’s Shed. Pictured from left to right: Richard Kromp, Jonny Althoff, Victoria Pearl, Jasmin Al-kattib and Angie Breeden


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