Thursday, November 15, 2018

Larry Mizell, Rosemary Rouse retire from Family Counseling Center, Inc.

Tri-County Board of Directors and employees of Family Counseling Center, Inc. (FCCI) joined members of the public to recognize executive director Larry Mizell and human resource manager Rosemary Rouse Sunday afternoon at Autumn Ridge Supportive Living Facility. Mizell and Rouse will retire from FCCI on June 30. Pictured at the event were, from left, front row; Arlin Rhoads, Sherrie Crabb, Rouse, Mizell, Norma Turok and Bill Green. Middle row: Shay Swan, Patti Williamson, Marsha Hayes, Wanda Schierbaum, Darlene Hamilton, Judith Barnard, Faye Mize, Pam McCuan and Pat German. Back row: Tomi Gravatt, Lynn D’Angelo, Larry Flynn, Mandy Curry, Becky Rednour, Connie Duncan, Laura Gierich, Bryan Throgmorton and Stephanie Newcomb-Whitehead.

Mizell_LarryLarry Mizell and Rosemary Rouse greeted guests at a retirement reception, hosted by the Family Counseling Center’s Tri-County Board of Directors, which was held last Sunday afternoon at the Autumn Ridge Supportive Living Facility in Vienna.  Sherrie Crabb, incoming executive director, and Norma Turok, board president, lead the recognition activities.

As the recognition began, both Ms. Crabb and Ms. Turok expressed appreciation for the work that both Larry and Rosemary have contributed to the agency during their employment.  Several other board members shared personal comments and their pleasure of a job well done.

Mr. Mizell expressed his appreciation and thanks to friends, co-workers, and the Tri-County Board of Directors for their support during his 14 years as executive director.  He stated the accomplishments of the agency over the last several years would not have been possible without the teamwork of the employees of the agency, the endorsement of the board of directors, and the assistance and help from local communities and leaders.  He acknowledged the positive relationship and support from county officials, law enforcement and the state’s attorneys of Johnson, Pope and Hardin counties.  He also expressed his respect and appreciation to AFSCME Local #3513 for a positive working relationship that has benefited the deserving employees of the agency.

Family Counseling Center, Inc. provides behavioral health and crisis services, substance abuse and developmental services for adults in Johnson, Pope and Hardin counties, and behavioral health and crisis services for youth in the southern seven county region.


During his tenure, three new CILA homes for developmental disabled adults have been added in Karnak, Rosiclare and Elizabethtown, as well as an eight apartment complex for the disabled or elderly, a new developmental training center, and a 46 apartment supportive living facility in Vienna.  Additional expansion included a new office building in Elizabethtown, and a new closed file storage building in Vienna.

Mr. Mizell shared it had been his honor to have helped facilitate the expansion of community services and how rewarding it has been to provide and increase services to clients and consumers, along with the additional employment opportunities for community citizens.

Identifying the construction of the Autumn Ridge Supportive Living Facility as the most ambitious undertaking, he is quick to point out the most significant accomplishment he and his FCC team have accomplished is helping individuals in need.  “It has truly been rewarding to see individuals learn to better manage their challenges in life, break the difficult habits of addiction and learn daily living skills.  Helping others help themselves is what it is all about,” he said.

He was complimentary of the new executive director, Sherrie L. Crabb.  “She is smart, knowledgeable and involved.  With her energy and dedication, she will do a terrific job.  The Tri-County Board of Directors made an excellent decision, and with her management team, Family Counseling Center and those it serves are in very good hands.”

Mr. Mizell recognized Rosemary Rouse, human resources manager, and acknowledged the years of their working as a team in both the Illinois Department of Corrections and at Family Counseling Center.

He described Rosemary as a steadfast individual who has earned his upmost respect.  “She is an excellent assistant, who always pays attention to the smallest detail, and has been a constant influence of balance keeping me in a more defendable position.  Her knowledge and ability to research is amazing and has been the difference of prevailing in work related issues ranging from lawsuits to labor issues.  I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her and the support and assistance she has provided to me and her co-workers,” he stated.

Rosemary also shared her thankfulness for having the opportunity to have worked for this agency for the last 10 years.  She shared that the word ‘family’ in the agency name is a true reflection of the dedicated staff helping those in need.  She has been involved in personnel, labor relations and administrative areas during her time at Family Counseling Center.  She stated, “I am blessed to have become a part of this family and will hold the memories of this time in my heart for years to come.”

Both expressed their appreciation to those in attendance at this retirement reception and thanked everyone for taking the time to make this day special for each of them.

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