Friday, July 20, 2018

Crappie USA 2-day tournament held on Lake Egypt with $10,000 purse

Crappie USA held their 2-day $10,000.00 super event on Lake of Egypt Friday and Saturday, March 17 and 18. 

Over 100 anglers from ten states were competing for not only the $10,920.00 in cash and prizes, but a chance to advance to the prestigious Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic. This year’s classic will be held October 16-18 on Lake Cumberland at Summerset, Kentucky.

Semi-Pro Division Results

Taking first place was the Carterville 3-person team of Dan Lutchka Jr., Dan Lutchka Sr. and Josh Jackson weighing in a 2 day total of 20.74 pounds and earning $3,000.00. The team also captured 2nd biggest crappie with a 2.23 pound crappie and earning an additional $100.00. The team was fishing down lake in front of Marketplace Bay casting corks and jigs tipped with minnows into shallow weed beds to catch over 50 fish in the 2-days using Bobby Garland Baby Shad and clear sparkle.

Ralls and Sanders

Second place went to the team of Steve Ralls of Buncombe and Joey Sanders of Carterville, with a weight of 20.05 pounds and earning $2,000.00. The team also captured the Ranger Cup Award giving the team an additional $250.00. Steve and Joey were casting pink/chartreuse curl tail jigs on main lake points on the windy side of the lake to catch 120 fish in the 2 days. Teams are only allowed to weigh in their top 7 fish each day of the event.

In third place was the team of James Todd of Crab Orchard and Morris Reed of Hazard, Kentucky, with a weight of 17.98 pound and earning $700.00. James and Morris were spider rigged near the power plant in front of Elks Park in 40 feet of water finding fish suspended.

Hawkins and McGee

Sean Hawkins of Goreville and Gary McGee of Marion took fourth place in the Semi-Pro Division  with a weight of 17.2 pounds and earning $300.00.  Sean and Gary fished halfway down the lake casting corks over jigs.  Bobby Garland Bluegrass color worked best.  The team targeted 7 feet of water and caught 45 fish in 2 days.

Fifth place went to the team of Kyle Schoenherr of Oakdale and Rodney Neuhaus of Ashley with a weight of 15.27 pounds.  The team fished one end of the lake to the other mostly in 25 to 37 feet of water using minnow rigs straight down to catch 40 fish in the 2 days.

Amateur Division Results

Hughes and Hughes

First place in the amateur division went to the team of Todd Hughes of Georgetown and Brad Hughes of Goreville weighing in 12.28 pounds and earning $1,500.00.  The team fished main lake points casting minnows under a cork in 10 feet of water setting their corks 3 feet deep since fish were suspended.  The team caught a total of 15 fish for the 2 days.

Second place went to Damon Phillips of Pendleton, Indiana and Bret Cunningham of Seymour, Indiana with a weight of 10.99 pounds and earning $800.00.  The team also captured big fish of the event with a 2.42 pound crappie giving the team an additional $230.00.

Turner_TurnerTurner and Turner

Taking third place was the Belknap team of Randy and Cindy Turner with a weight of 9.95 pounds and earning $600.00. Randy and Cindy were fishing the north end of the lake in front of Elks Club Park.  They were tightlineing minnows in 6 feet of water to catch 40 fish for the 2 days.

In fourth place was the Cambria team of Steve Hess and Mary McCoy with a weight of 7.15 pounds and earning $500.00.

Fifth place went to Richard Geboy of Ellettsville, Indiana and Joseph Kelley of Jonesboro with a weight of 6.26 pounds and earning $400.00. The team spider rigged on Friday and fishing minnows under bobbers 3 feet deep catching suspended fish on Saturday.  The team only caught 8 fish in 2 days.

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