Friday, May 25, 2018

Sherry Hogue, longtime Vienna mail carrier retires

Sherry HogueAfter 28 years of rain, sleet, snow and more, Vienna rural mail carrier Sherry Hogue retired Friday, Jan. 31.  She ended her career at 6:00 p.m. that evening.

Hogue has been most recently recognizable by the bright yellow jeep that travels across the southeast countryside of Johnson County nearly everyday. She knows exactly how many miles she traveled each day, down to the fraction of a mile, “98.73 miles,” making it one of the longest routes in the county.

Hogue’s postal career began as a rural letter carrier for the Grantsburg Post Office. She carried mail there for nearly eight years, before transferring to the Vienna office. Her Vienna route included parts of the City of Vienna, Belknap, New Columbia and all points in between, making stops at 465 mailboxes daily.

“I’m not going to miss the weather,” Hogue said with a huge smile on her face. She proudly proclaimed to have only missed very few days of delivering mail due to weather conditions. She said two of those days have occurred within the last couple of months. “Unlike some carriers, I had the tool to get the job done,” she said about her four-wheel drive vehicle.

Sherry-Hogue-2“I am really going to miss all my patrons,” Hogue said. “Over 20 years, I have gotten to know most of them very well.”

Sherry has seen her share of postmasters come and go during her career. At Vienna she has worked under as many as five postmasters, beginning with Norma Hodge.

Sherry and her husband Wayne have two children that live out of state, Laura and Ben, and two granddaughters. The Hogues plan to enjoy more time together and visit their granddaughters more frequently.

Sherry is an avid greenhouse gardener and looks forward to spending more time with her hobby, and to do more horseback riding.

When asked what has been some of the most noticeable changes during her years of carrying mail, she said, “Not as many gravel roads. When I started nearly three quarter of the roads were gravel. Now most of the roads are paved.”

She also said the implementation of the 911 addressing system was quite a change.

“We are delivering far fewer first class pieces of mail now. But, the amount of parcels has increased a lot,” she noted. She contributes the difference in mail types to the electronic age. “More people are paying bills and making purchases online now.”

“I want to thank my customers for their kindness throughout the years. They have helped me many times and have watched out for me,” she somberly said.

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  1. Myra Wood Bennett

    So glad to see Sherry honored in this way. She was once our carrier, but she is always one of our dearest friends. I have always SO admired her work ethic, something waning in our society today. I love Sherry Hogue and I’ll just say that Route #66 is waiting for she, Wayne and Frank and I. Oh ya girl, it’s on!