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Buncome-NewsBy Dolly Hopkins

“It’s okay to be naughty again. Santa’s done watching for this year,” little Billy said. Got news for him, he watches all year around, so be good.

A new year is here. I hope you all have a healthy and peaceful 2014. Remember to write the correct year on your checks and paper work.

Holidays might be over here, but in Puerto Rico and all Latin America, they are still going. Our holidays are from Dec. 24, Christmas Eve to Jan. 6, Epiphany.

Epiphany is observed as a church festival in commemoration of the coming of the Magi to see Jesus at Bethlehem.  The Magi are the three wise men from the East (Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar) who paid homage to the infant Jesus. They brought gifts for him, gold, myrrh and frankincense. This is a big holiday for the children “Los Tres Reyes Magos.” After all they were the ones who really brought gifts for Baby Jesus.

Christmas Day is celebrated as a church festival in honor of the birth of Christ. When I was a child there was no Santa Claus then, only the Three Wise Men. Jan. 5, the eve of the big day, all the children get shoe boxes and put grass, water and a wish letter to one of the three Magi. The shoe boxes are placed under the bed. We all went to bed early and next day the toys were under the bed, on the bed or living room. The grass was all eaten by the hungry horses, because we don’t have camels. A big dinner and family gathering follows. What great memories I have! Cultures are changing now with the American influence, so this might become something of the past.

When I told the story of the Three Wise Men bringing gifts to the Christ child, it prompted my two young daughters, Brenda and Vanessa to wonder, “If those men were so smart, why didn’t they bring him some toys?”

Happy birthday to Morris Mott, Dec. 31; Verna Green and Norman Hinkle, Jan. 1; Molly Adams and Dustin Goddard, Jan. 2; Bob Deibert and Katie White, Jan. 5; Kenny Swisher, Jan. 7; Jackie Hileman, Jan. 8. Have a great year!

The Buncombe Grade School will host a spaghetti dinner, Tuesday, Jan. 7, from 5 to 7 p.m. The donations will go for the graduation trip. So please let’s support these 8th grade students. Come and have a great meal, see old friends and help the kids. Adults $6; children 4 years old up to eighth grade $3; children 3 and under free. Hope to see many of you there.

Congratulations to Allison Stout on her engagement to Raleigh Walker, and to her brother Alex Stout who also got engaged today to his girlfriend Cara, according to their grandparents Sally and Bud Stout. Congratulations to all.

Thank you to Lonnie Hinton and Jerry Reppert for the nice dinner and gift they gave us, the staff of the Vienna Times and Goreville Gazette, Dec. 19 at the Vienna Diner. It was nice being all together, but missed a few that were not there.

The new year is bringing lots of changes. Among them is the new light bulbs. Say good-bye to the old style light bulb we all are familiar with. Starting Jan. 1, the last of the federal government’s new lighting standards take effect. That means that the light bulbs we all are used to, 40 and 60 watts can no longer be made in or imported into the USA. They claim we will have more choices of bulbs and smaller electric bills.

Another law that will be enforced is the bans of mobile phones and texting while driving. It will eliminate distracted driving. Only a hand free device can be used.

On four lane highways the 65 mph limit will be changing to 70, but until the new signs are erected the state police are recommending motorists to continue driving at the posted speed limit.

Cigarette butt ban is also a new law starting Jan. 1. Hoping to improve the build-up of cigarette butts along curbs and roadways, a new law adds cigarettes to litter. That means a discarded cigarette could land you a Class B misdemeanor for the first time, a Class A misdemeanor the second time you are caught and the third butt-tossing violation could amount to a Class 4 felony. The legislation is House Bill 3243 according to the Southern Springfield Bureau.

The Harlem Globetrotters, the basketball team known throughout the wold, will be at the SIU Arena in Carbondale at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014. Buy tickets at the SIU Arena box office or by phone at 877-725-8547. I love to see these guys play and are funny also.

Let’s have a laugh now with the “Newfangled Bathroom of Little Abner:

Dear cousin:

Uncle got a job last month. It’s the first time he’s worked in over 48 years. We’re rich now. $17.28 every Thursday. We went to Sears, Roebuck for one of them newfangled bathrooms like the rich people up north use. It finally came and we got her set up all right. You should see it. One side of the room is a long white thing like the pigs drink out of, only you bathe yourself all at one time in it. Hanging on the wall is a funny gadget called the sink. It’s for small washing, like hands and face. But, in the corner-wow!! There is a thing where you put one foot in and wash it clean and then pull the chain and it changes water for the other foot. They sent us a roll of writing paper, but it’s kind of cheap. It rips to easy.

Yours truly,

Little Abner

P.S. They also sent us two lids with the darn foot washer. We couldn’t find any use for them, so ma used one for a breadboard. We framed grandpa’s picture in the other one.

Happy New Year.

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