Monday, July 23, 2018

What’s Flying At VHS

EAGLE2By Rachael Ren and Taylor Bundren

Homecoming is certainly a spirited time here at Vienna High School. The queen and king candidates and attendants have been chosen, the mistress and master of ceremonies have auditioned, lip syncs are in the making and skits are being created. The official homecoming coronation will be on Jan. 17, 2014.

The queen candidates, selected by students in the senior class, are Cassidy Stout, Jessica Buchan, Desiree Walter and Maranda Chance. Each of the girls were very excited to be selected by their fellow classmates to represent the Class of 2014.

The king candidates, also selected by the graduating class, are Justin Tanner, Luke Hogan, Christian Dahncke and Nick Meyers.

Each king and queen candidate must put on a 3 to 5 minute skit or speech, although most people choose skits. The candidates will create and perform the skits with the enlisted help of several other students. The skits will be performed in front of the whole school, and then the students will vote for their favorite candidates.

Another big favorite of VHS students are the class lip syncs. Students who are performing in the lip syncs have ten minutes to perform different songs. The students try to make their lip syncs the most hilarious in order to win.

The theme this year for lip syncs is The VHS Grammy’s. The lip syncs are on the artists from several genres who have won Grammy’s. Students gather with their class sponsors to narrow down the song choices and who will “perform” them and then get to the hard work of learning the songs, practicing them, creating costumes and props.

Also during homecoming week are noon-time activities. The noon-time activities have not all been determined as of now, but they are sure to be fun. These games involve students from every class and the gym is always loud with competition and rivalry.

Here at VHS we do have one component during homecoming week that a lot of people expect, dress-up days.

Monday is class color day. Freshmen wear green, sophomores wear pink, juniors wear red and seniors wear black. The next day is crazy day. Students dress as crazy as possible, while still staying within the dress code. This can prove to be quite a challenge. Wednesday is Career Day, where students dress up in a profession of their choice. Thursday is Super Hero Day and Friday is Orange and Blue Day, the only day that face paint is allowed. Make sure to encourage your student to let their Eagle spirit shine!

The coronation and the game preceding it are quite festive, as well as formal. The Eagles basketball team plays two games against Eldorado on the night of homecoming. Then, after the games are done, the gym is transformed and the coronation ceremony commences. The dresses and tuxes and the smiles on the new king and queen are always memorable. Another treasurable memory is the first dance as king and queen of Vienna High School. This night proves to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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