Monday, September 16, 2019

I’ve Never Been This Age Before!


By Rosemary O’Keefe

Mother nature has made us, once again, realize the power and wonderment of the air around us. One of the blessings I can appreciate is the important information the weather forecasters can give us before the possible problem.

I was in Nashville, Tenn., on Sunday so other than some rain on the trip down it was a very comfortable trip. I was traveling with my nephew, an airline pilot with Southwest, his wife, a terrific young lady, a great mom and one who really knows how to read a phone from directions when off course, where’s the best place to eat or the news we wished to know right away. Her mom, who was born and raised in England and my sister-in-law who I am very fond of and, who I feel, is quite a lady.

We were in Nashville to see my nephew and his wife’s daughter preform in a musical at the Vanderbuilt University. We found the program entertaining and interesting as it was using fairy tale characters to tell a story about values and morals. Always a great theme! I was amazed at how large the Vanderbuilt campus was and how interesting the design of the many buildings were to the area. I have always found the buildings in Nashville of interest because of their uniqueness and placement on such a small patch of ground. While our trees here are quite bare of leaves most of their trees are still leafed and colorful.

Since this group of four were my house guests for a couple of days we did much bantering back and forth. We older folks commented often on the conviences we now enjoy that we never thought possible the micro and the thermostat on the wall seemed to be among our favorites. We all laughed when my nephew said that he insisted all the passengers on his plane, who were wearing pulled down pants, pull those pants up while you’re on this plane. Who knew this would ever need correcting! I wonder what our grandchildren will find exciting and useful when they grow to their sunset years. Wonder what they will find offensive and needs correcting.

A comment I read recently has given me another view of success. The comment was made by Diana Nyad, the 64 years old lady who swam from Cuba to Florida a few months ago. When asked how she feels about the long desired feat being successful her reply was, “Actually, the satisfaction that I never gave up is stronger than the joy of making it.”

More later.

A change of scenery can spur creativity.

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