I’ve Never Been This Age Before

rosemary-picBy Rosemary O’Keefe

Do you ever take an inventory of your daily or weekly experiences? I enjoy reviewing my time past every once in awhile. Probably find it interesting because I have the time to reflect and have fewer people in my life.

Within the past week I have experienced the death of a nephew who was a husband, father and grandfather. He had cancer which was discovered less than a year ago. I feel for all the family, a very close and caring family. He and his wife were as one, I often commented to them about their successful togetherness. She has much strength and my heart feels for her.

I met a new person that someone in my family finds very special. I can see why they find each other special. I wish them much happiness.

The spontaneous communications we sometimes exchange with persons we don’t know can bring a smile to us upon reflection of the event. While waiting in line at a local Dollar Store I exchanged some light talk about taking to much time with my checking out to the young couple behind me. The young man answered me he was in no hurry because his wife had informed him that when they got home he was to do the laundry. We added more banter as we walked to our cars. In that short exchange the husband shared he had married his wife when she was sixteen years old and that they had five children. He was a very proud husband and father and they both looked way to young to be parents of five. I love connecting with younger people.

I enjoyed seeing one of my favorite young ladies, Hannah, at Bode’s Pharmacy as I used the drive thru window. She is planning to become a nurse and I shared with her how I would enjoy her caring for me if I were in need. She is a very pretty girl with a lift in her voice and a beautiful smile. I enjoy all the employees at Bode’s. Nancy was a student of mine and I find her a special person to know.

Here’s a human interest story that made me giggle and saying to myself that there are many acts of kindness going on in this world. At a Heav’nly Donut Shop in Massachuetts one customer’s kind gesture, paying for the order of the car behind her in the drive-through triggered a delicious chain reaction: the next 54 cars followed suit, with people taking care of other’s pastry and coffee tabs of up to $20. What a treat. I just hope no one complained about the slowing down of the line once they learned what was taking place.

More later.

How you treat your children will be reflected for generations.

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