Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Reevesville News

Reevesville-NewsBy LeeRoy Stafford 

Hi everybody on a sunny Sunday morning here in Reevesville after another rainy week. The farmers like this rainy weather. It makes those crops grow.

The squirrel hunting season is in now but after all the rain we’ve had the hunters aren’t hunting yet with all the mosquitoes we have now. If I went I’d have to have a blood transfusion after I got back.

Happy birthdays go out to my granddaughters Heather Stratmeyer and Kayla Quint. May God give you both many more.

With school now starting I think about my first years in grade school. Mr. Brian Kerley was my second and third grade teacher. He was a good teacher but what I remember most is when the big boys and girls played softball he could hit that ball further than anybody. I was to young to play but I remember those ball games at recess and noon hour. Sometimes we would get in trouble if we hit the ball in Mr. Johnson’s vegetable garden. I thought he was mean for getting on us but now I wouldn’t want school kids running through my garden chasing a ball.

A guy called the doctor’s office for an appointment. The receptionist said, “We can’t get you in for three weeks.” The guy said, “But I might be dead by then.”

The receptionist replied, “That’s no problem. Your wife can let us know. We’ll cancel the appointment.”

My friend Bob Krug is back home from a visit with friends in the St. Louis area also a visit to the doctor.

I hope he didn’t go see his favorite team the St. Louis Cardinals play the way they’re playing now, he would of been really sick. They’re not playing good now but they’ll still win their division. Hang in there Bob.

The man went to the doctor and said, “Doc, I’ve got an awful pain in my left leg.” The doctor replied, “It’s just old age.” The man replied, “It can’t be, doc, my right leg is the same age as my left one, and it doesn’t hurt at all.”

This weeks Bible quiz: What Jewish captive was advanced to a high position in King Ahasuerus Kingdom? For the answer read Esther 2:5-8:1,2,15.

Remember, you know you’re from the country if your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor on the highway.

A lady said their crowd was so small in church at night when the pastor said “Dearly Beloved!” An old maid thought she was receiving a proposal.

See you in church.

Until next week.

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