Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Vienna Times Statement from 1894


This statement, used in 1894 by The Vienna Times, was discovered this weekend in the newspaper’s archive files. Dr. W. H. Gilliam was the owner/ editor at that time. Gilliam owned the newspaper from 1886 to 1920. The Times, founded in 1879, had three other sets of owners prior to Gilliam purchasing it. Note the imprinted message at the bottom of the statement. The message reads:

“DEAR SIR: – I am desperately “hard up” and must insist that the above account be settled promptly. Of course, I do not want to put you to any cost, but my creditors are not disposed to wait on me any longer. So please don’t fail to give this matter your early attention and thus greatly oblige.
Yours Respectfully,”

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