Thursday, April 18, 2019

Vienna family has five active duty sons

Gathered after a flag raising ceremony on the lawn of their College Street home in Vienna are, from left, Eli Massie, Geoffory Kramp, Edmund and Ruth Massie.

To have more than one child serving in the United States military at the same time is not uncommon. But, to have five children in active service, in four different branches, is.

Eli and Ruth Massie, of Vienna, has two sons currently serving in the Air Force, James Massie and Brian Cramp, while three of their other sons are serving in the other branches; James Massie, Army; Dylan Kramp, Navy; and Geoffory Kramp, Marines.

Eli and Ruth’s youngest son, Edmund, lives at home. He plans to join the service in the future.

Having the boys scattered across the globe is at times a challenge for the Massies.

Dylan and Geoffory recently graduated their respective basic trainings on May 24, in two different parts of the country. Eli attended one ceremony while Ruth attended the other.

Geoffory returned to Vienna  last week before reporting to his station in San Diego. While at home, the family gathered friends and relatives for a flag raising ceremony at their College Street home.


Geoffory, in full uniform, performed the ceremony that included raising the American flag as well as the  flags for the four branches of military represented by the family. Editor’s note:

The Vienna Times wishes to thank Eli and Ruth’s boys, all active duty soldiers and veterans, for their service to the country. Additionally, we thank Eli and Ruth for loaning their family to help protect our freedoms.

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