Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Phelps Eyes Concealed Carry Finish Line

HARRISBURG, IL – State Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) today filed a House Floor Amendment to Senate Bill 2193 to help address many of the concerns expressed by opponents and proponents of  previously proposed concealed carry measures.  A long-time champion of concealed carry, Phelps is determined to see his fight for the rights of hunters, sportsmen and law abiding firearm owners cross the finish line.

“I see this as a positive sign that my colleagues from Chicago and the suburbs are actually serious about passing a comprehensive and safe plan to get a concealed carry law here in Illinois,” Phelps said.  “Illinois is the only state that does not have any form of concealed carry permits.  Through hard work and numerous productive conversations we will hopefully now have a bill to end the punishment of law-abiding citizens.

“Previously proposed amendments by the anti-gun lobby and Chicago lawmakers would have punished law-abiding citizens and violated their constitutional rights,” Phelps said.  “The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to purchase and own firearms without government interference and I will continue to fight for that right.  Throughout the spring I have meet with groups, organizations, school administrators and other elected officials to work toward our goal of having a benchmark measure that other states can look upon as we move forward with concealed carry.”

For more information on Senate Bill 2193, please contact Rep. Phelps’ constituent service office at (618) 253-4189.

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