Wednesday, January 23, 2019

District 22 teams with Kentucky State Police to promote traffic safety


Michael Usher
Illinois State Police, District 22 public safety officer Michael Usher (right) and Kentucky State Trooper Jay Thomas at Noble Park in Paducah.

Ullin, Illinois, 05/17/2013- Illinois State Police District 22 Trooper Michael Usher met with Kentucky State Trooper Jay Thomas at Noble Park in Paducah, Kentucky on May 15.

They spoke with reporters to show their unified traffic enforcement efforts during the Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest traffic holidays in the country.

The main purpose was to get the message out to the motoring public that the agencies are united in a common goal to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities on roadways.

The Illinois State Police would like to remind everyone to be responsible every time you get behind the wheel-and the same goes for passengers.  Don’t Drink and Drive, no texting, and always wear your seat belt.

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