Thursday, June 4, 2020

Commissioners approve moratorium on fracking

Johnson County Board of Commissioners Jeff Mears, right, Phil Stewart, second from right, and Ernie Henshaw, center, listen to questions from the audience at a town hall meeting held in Goreville May 8 alongside oil and gas industry representatives Travis Akin, left, from Marion who represents the American Natural Gas Alliance and Kevin Reimer, second to left, a consulting geologist from Harrisburg. The goal of the meeting was to provide answers to the community on the process of hydraulic fracturing and help the commissioners in their choice on whether or not to support a statewide moratorium on the practice.

After many months of debate and a collection of concerns voiced at a recent town hall held in Goreville, the Johnson County Board of Commissioners voted 2-1 on Monday in support of a one-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

While the approval is largely symbolic, Johnson County’s measure aligns it with its neighbors in Hardin, Jackson, Pope and Union who also support a statewide moratorium.

The complete story can be found in this week’s copy of The Vienna Times


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