Thursday, April 18, 2019

E-editions popularity continues to grow

eeditionsThe Vienna Times and Goreville Gazette are closing in on completing their first year of online services with more than 10,000 unique visitors reaching both sites and logging nearly 60,000 page views between the two.

The Times and the Gazette made their online debuts in the beginning of 2012 officially launching in May after a period of review in the month of April.

With the possibility of post office consolidations threatening the on-time delivery of their weekly publications, both the Gazette and Times launched an E-edition service allowing subscribers to view the publications online just as they are in print.

“Post office consolidation isn’t the only reason to go online,” said The Vienna Times and Goreville Gazette publisher Lonnie Hinton when his sites launched last year. “The Internet has changed the way we receive our news, information and shared memories and we’re just looking at becoming a part of that evolution.”

To familiarize their subscribers with the new service, the Gazette and Times offered free subscriptions to their E-editions for a trial period in which registration matched the subscribers’ print subscription dates.  E-edition subscribers have available to them an archive of papers beginning from the first edition placed online in April last year.

“The archive is a great way to look back and search for old stories,” said Hinton, adding that older copies of the print publication were also uploaded to the service allowing for searchable content.  “As we continue to move forward, the E-edition will continue to be a repository of our print publication where subscribers will have years of history to look back on.”

“The e-Edition is a great way to get the paper delivered to your inbox instead of your mailbox and all at the click of a button,” said Scott Bennett, Dirxion national sales manager, the company behind the e-Editions online platform. “It’s a great way for people who have moved away and want to keep up with local news or a good gift to college students because its available on any web-based computing device such as smart phones, lap tops and tablets.”

The popularity of E-editions is growing even more now that the US Post Office announced its proposal of eliminating Saturday mail service.  For current print subscribers to either paper, adding an E-edition to their subscription cost is just $7, while getting the E-edition on its own runs the cost of an in-county subscription.

“We are keeping positive about the possible and probable changes coming to our postal service,” said Hinton.  “We will not know for sure just how the elimination of Saturday service will affect our out-of-state subscribers but we are comforted knowing we have the E-edition available to deliver our news on time, every time.”

The e-Editions are every page of the publications as they were in print, only online. Taking advantage of the Dirxion E-edition online publishing platform, the Johnson County publications are viewable from any browser-based, internet-connected computers and tablets and most smart phones and are available the following day they hit newsstands.

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