Monday, May 10, 2021

Filmmakers, stars in Vienna this week


A filming crew of nearly 50 people were in Vienna earlier this week, as they filmed segments of an upcoming movie, Dig Two Graves, written and directed by Hunter Adams.

Local filming took place at what is locally known as the Old Kuykendall Home on West Main Street, and at the home of Carl Brasher, located at 902 Locust St., both in Vienna.

Locally owned vintage cars and antique furniture from local shops were used as props in the filming. Gary Hacker, owner of From The Past Antiques, said he rented some furniture to the company to be used as background props.

The cast of the movie is being a well-kept secret for now, but The Vienna Times is expecting to receive full details later this week from a Chicago promotional firm.

An email received by The Times from the firm read, “I will send you official information on Dig Two Graves as soon as the press release is ready to be distributed later this week.”

One recognizable star,  actor Ted Levine was filmed inside the Kuykendall home Monday evening.

Levine co-starred in a popular television series, Monk, for eight years.


According to the film company’s Web site,, the mysterious death of a young boy triggers the unearthing of a town’s long buried secrets. “Dig Two Graves is a cross between Winter’s Bone, Fargo and Alice in Wonderland,” the site included.

The Web site also gave a synopses of the movie that reads:


“One part gothic thriller, one part black comedy and one part Dickensian mystery, Dig Two Graves dramatizes the cycle of violence that perpetuates itself over generations in a small backwoods town. The title is a reference to a Confucian proverb that warns “When you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

The story centers on Jacqueline, a 14 year old girl nicknamed Jake by her older brother Sean. After Sean disappears in a mysterious accident, Jake is visited by three moonshiners who offer to bring her dead brother back to life in exchange for committing a sinister murder.

As Jake wrestles with this morally impossible choice, the dark history of the town is unearthed and the mystery surrounding the moonshiners is illuminated.

While darkly humorous, Dig Two Graves is also a deeply felt meditation on a family grieving and a young girl’s struggle to keep her fragile family from splintering. Set in the deep north woods of Wisconsin, the film showcases the unique rituals and colorful characters who populate a part of the world rarely shown on screen.”

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