Monday, May 29, 2023

PTO continues with generous support for Vienna Grade School

Vienna Grade School District #55 is off to another great start this school year!  The students have completed the first quarter of the academic year and are seeking to match their great efforts of school years’ past.  The students of VGS continue to set high standards and meet expectations in their daily work, extra-curricular activities, and state achievement tests.  The teachers and staff of VGS #55 work very hard each day to prepare students for their future education and careers.

In the past two school years, laptops, iPads, projectors, document cameras, and Promethean boards have been made available to teachers and students at Vienna Grade School. The addition of these items has assisted students and teachers in a variety of areas.

Through the use of the new equipment, the students have been gaining valuable skills working with technology that will help them to be more successful in their future.

VGS teachers have enjoyed being able to use document cameras and projectors to enhance their instructional methods.  Using the document cameras and projectors to instruct in color and in “real time” has proven to be a big plus for the teachers at the primary level.

The addition of video and information presented from the internet has allowed teachers to add another level to their instruction.

The interactive activities being displayed to the entire class for interaction has proven to be effective in helping students retain information and skills that have been taught.  The students have begun to log-in at home to their classroom and continue to explore the lessons that were already taught that day at school.

In addition to the technology added to VGS through the PTO donations, four beautiful new picnic tables have been added to the campus to make an outdoor classroom available in the courtyard and seating for concessions in the commons area.

These tables are not only a benefit to the students and teachers, but for all patrons who come and support VGS activities as well.

As Vienna Grade School continues work to ensure student success at every level, it is important to understand that it is due to the entire community’s efforts that this is possible.  Vienna Grade School greatly appreciates the contributions of the PTO members and officers for their hard work, parents for their dedication to their students, and the community for their continued donations and support to the work being done each day at Vienna Grade School.