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By Lee Roy Stafford

Hi everybody on a nice and cool Sunday morning after a great week weather wise.

With these cool days the deer hunters are out practicing with their bows and arrows getting ready for the coming archery deer season, so if you drive through Reevesville be sure your car windows are up because some of these guys around here are not very good shots. Remember you deer hunters it’s not against the law to kill a doe. There are so many they need to be thinned out or they could get a disease and die out.

The honeymooners Kayla and Caleb Quint are back from Destin, Fla. They said Florida was nice, but on their next vacation they thought they would go north maybe to Wisconsin.

A big hello to my friend Steve Anderson. I’m sorry I wasn’t home when you stopped in to visit a couple of weeks ago. Stop in again when you can and maybe I’ll be home.

A woman phoned her dentist when she received a huge bill. “I’m shocked!” she complained. “This is three times what you normally charge.”

“Yes, I know,” said the dentist. “But you yelled so loud, you scared away two other patients.”

Don’t forget the Reevesville reunion Saturday, Sept. 29 and if you’ve got any old pictures bring them. You ladies can bring a covered dish or dessert if you please. The main thing is bring yourself! It’s good to see everybody at least once a year. It seems we have lost one or two every year. Rudy Wright, Barb Wright and Phylis Wright have gone to be with the Lord since the reunion last year. I guess the Lord wanted some of the Wrights to help Him up in heaven.

Little Johnny’s new baby brother was screaming up a storm.

He asked his mom, “Where’d we get him?”

His mother replied, “He came from heaven, Johnny.”

Johnny says, “Wow! I can see why they threw him out!”

Something to think about: You might be a redneck if you’ve ever been involved in a custody fight over a hunting dog.

My daughter Vicki Murrie is having back surgery next Friday, Sept. 28, so let’s remember her in our prayers.

On the fifth Sunday night, Sept. 30, the Reevesville Community Church will be at the Hillview Health Care Center in Vienna for their Sunday night service so there will be no church in Reevesville that night, but we will have Sunday School and church that morning.

This week’s Bible quiz: In the Book of John, who kept the money bag for the disciples? For the answer, read John 12:6.

Remember: God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.

See you in church.

Unitl next week.

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