Friday, July 1, 2022

I’ve Never Been This Age Before!

By Rosemary O’Keefe

Sorry I missed last week’s column but I got behind, and could not meet the earlier time that was needed because of the Monday holiday.

My cursive style of writing caused a slight bleep in my last column. When describing a darning egg I wrote the words darning tool, my writing of the word tool does indeed look much like the word “toad.” It, like many of one’s slip ups is always good for a laugh.

One of the benefits I so enjoy when writing this column is the freedom I have in choosing what I wish to share with my readers. There were a few left overs from my recent trip to Bristol, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina to visit my son-in-law, Edd and two granddaughters Erin and Corrie. I suppose the most interesting part of any experience is the recall we pull up called memory.

While in Bristol, Edd took us out for breakfast to one of his favorite eating places. This eating place was part grocery store part restaurant. The gentleman owing this business is Mark Price. Upon entering one finds a homey atmosphere, a great greeting and a most “welcome to our place” feeling. It’s called Price’s Store and the brochure listing an extensive menu, plus catering stated it was located in Possum Creek, Tennessee.

Our breakfast was delicious and his pancakes were extremely delicious, a secret ingredient I understand, we guessed cream cheese but Mark Price said “no, not cream cheese.”

Edd told us that it was said that Brad Pitt, the actor, has eaten there. I wonder if he tried the pancakes?

I love to discover something unfamiliar, say to myself, “I wonder what that can be,” give myself a few guesses and make sure my curosity is satisfied, before I leave the scene. That days mystery was at Prices Store. Sitting on the table where we ate were two recycled hot sauce bottles filled with water and a piece of thinly rolled aluminum foil stuck into the water. After much guessing we were told it was to discourage that pesky insect, a fly or flies, from gathering at the table. Go figure. To be honest there were no flies on our table nor did we see any as we toured the store.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to test the “fly away” gadget. We were having a late afternoon meal on my deck and a few flies came around to check out the menu. I made my foil and water in a clear small bottle and giggled along with the rest of my guests as we watched the results. Well, a few times a fly would dart near the gadget then quickly fly away. Once in awhile a guest would wave a slight of hand over their plate and give out a sly smile. Time passed, conversation got intresting and all of a sudden some one spoke up and remarked, “look here, no more flies any where around.” We all chimed in with our comments, one guest even saying, “well, you just can’t beat the south for their ideas.” Then one guest, a  male, reminded us we had cleared the table and only a few glasses of iced tea remained. Well, so much for our experiment. I challange you or have a child give it a try. It can generate much conversation.

I also  learned, on this trip, that energy drinks of one sort or another have been around for quite a long time. Erin had a drink along with her breakfast called “Dr. Enuf.” Under the logo of “Dr. Enuf,” it stated “original energy booster.” Erin said it was a popular drink in the area and since it was not a favorite she didn’t drink it often. Guess it could be compared to the coffee I enjoyed with my breakfast. I have to admit that little red bottle of 5 hour energy scares me. Wouldn’t you know I missed Dr. Oz the day he gave his viewers the low down on energy drinks.

I find Vienna, our town, a great town to live in and I was reminded of its’ many fine folks when I passed the old Bob White Hotel now known as Hospitality House of Vienna Inc. I saw many people scraping old paint off the outside walls making it ready for a new coat of paint. I recognized some of the faces and felt proud I knew them. The giving of ones time has to be among one of the greatest gifts given. Even though I was only an observer I felt much appreciation and great gratitude to those working there as I drove by. Believe in the goodness of others.

More later.

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