Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Buncombe News

By Dolly Hopkins

Hello everyone.

The top story this week is that finally we all got some rain. Saturday’s heavy showers, thank you to hurricane Issac, were a treat for my trees, shrubs and garden. Next morning, I couldn’t find a single puddle anywhere around my yard. They drank it all. That rain a life line for nature.

Congratulations to Harper Reece Widowski, daughter of Amanda and Paul Widowski, who was welcomed into God’s family through baptism at St. Paul Catholic Church last Saturday, Sept. 1. Paul’s sister Megan and her husband Tom are the godparents.

Our sympathy to the family of Glen “Bob” Bullock, 62, who passed away Aug. 26 in Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Ky. He is survived by his wife Anita, his daughter Bobbi (Kenny) Baker of Vienna, Amanda Bullock of Boston and Becky (Doug) Glass of Buncombe. Debbie Stevens Poe is a neighbor of Becky and she wants to express her sympathy to the family in this column. May God grant Bob eternal rest.

Our sympathy goes to Phil (Linda) Osman of Cypress at the loss of his mother, Mary Osman, 97, who died Aug. 27 at her home. She was grandmother to Jeff Mears and Amy Hileman. May God grant eternal rest to Mary.

The storm last Saturday left big broken tree limbs all over the county. This reminded me of the helpful information from Ameren Illinois to never trust a downed power line. If you see a downed power line, stay away and call Ameren Illinois at 1-800-755-5000 to report the sistuation. Downed lines are dangerous!

Grandparents Day is Sunday, Sept. 9. President Jimmy Carter signed a special bill making the first Sunday after Labor Day, Grandparennts Day in 1979, and it is a good time to honor the legacy many of our grandparents left behind and to honor those who are still making a difference in the lifes of their grandchildren.

Happy birthday to Mason Bishop and Marrissa Oliver, Sept. 6; Irene Kojder, Sept 7; Sadie Roger, Sept. 8; Steve Hupe, Sept. 9; Sue Davis and Rita Jo Mooke, Sept. 12. Have a great day.

Congratulations to Sue and Dale Davis on their 8th wedding anniversary Sept. 11. Wish you both health and years together.

Please keep in your prayers all those sick in our community to include: Pat Sevieca and Kelly Groner.

A grandmother fussed about her grandson’s dog Max digging to China in their yard. Soon after that grandma dropped a toy and Max ran away to bury it. Later that day the young boy found the toy outside, pulled off a sticker and said “Granny! Look he got it from China!”

According to the Associated Press from Springfield, a new policy put into effect because of drought condition means farmers will be able to transport hay loads on interstates. Illinois Transportation secretary, Ann Schneider on Friday announced workers will be able to transport hay loads up to 12 feet wide on all state routes and interstates. Those moving hay loads will need a copy of an official authorization or permit. The new policy takes effect immediately and expires Dec. 31, 2012.

The Buncombe Village Board will meet every first Tuesday of the month starting this month. The meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. as I reported last week.

A man riding a bike and carrying two sacks on his shoulder was stopped by a guard while crossing the border.

“What do you have in those bags?” asked the guard.

“Sand” the cyclist replied.

“You’ll need to open them so I can take a look inside.”

The guard emptied the bags and found out they did indeed contain nothing but sand. The man put his bags back on his shoulders and continued across the boarder. This happened several times each week for a month. Sometime later that same guard ran into the cyclist in the city.

“Hey, where have you been?” the guard asked. “You sure had me wondering. I know you were smuggling something across the border. If you tell me what it was, I won’t prosecute you. What was it?”

The man smiled big and said, “Bicycles!”

Happy Grandparents Day to all the grandparetns in our community! God gave us big hearts to hold a lifetime of love.

Till next week.