Monday, July 4, 2022

Fire department to hold on-site training

Local residents will be noticing the Vienna Fire Department equipment and volunteers out on the streets and neighborhoods more in the future.

As part of a series of training sessions, fire chief Aaron Goldenstein said, “What better way to train than on-site.”

The department will hold training sessions once a month at different locations within its coverage area, focusing on hard-to-reach places.

Last week the volunteer department held the first on-site session on South 4th Street, near the housing authority complex.

“The department’s goal is to have strategic plans in place to reach places that have limited access, before the need arises,” Goldenstein said. “The sessions will also serve as training for new recuits, as well as refreshers for the experienced fire-fighting veterans.”

“There are areas in Vienna that are tough to get to with our fire trucks,” assistant chief Scott Wright said. “Narrow, one-way streets can cause huge problems when we’re trying to get three or four trucks in the same area.”

The Vienna department has thirty volunteer members. Their coverage area includes the Vienna area and most of the eastern part of the county that encompasses nearly 150 square miles.

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