Friday, May 24, 2019

e-Editions free trial to end in July

The Vienna Times and Goreville Gazette successfully launched websites last month with an introductory offer of free, unlimited access to their e-Editions and free e-Edition subscriptions to current print subscribers.

With more than 350 visits in the past two weeks to the e-Editions, publisher Lonnie Hinton said he was pleased to see the traffic and hoped to see it increase as more and more subscribers take advantage of the free subscription offer.

“We extended our original offer two weeks into July to ensure the Freedom Fest celebration pictures and stories would be easy to access by all,” said Hinton. “Starting July 16, visitors will need to register to view the e-Editions.”

The e-Editions are every page of the publications as they were in print, only online. Taking advantage of an e-Edition online publishing platform, the Johnson County publications began uploading their papers’ pages into a format viewable from any browser-based, internet-connected computers and tablets and most smart phones. The newspapers are available the following day they hit news stands and consist of an archive, which begins in the middle of April this year. Hinton said there are plans to archive complete years of past issues depending upon the demand.

“We occasionally receive requests to see our archives by people looking for family history or Johnson County history,” said Hinton. “As we put more and more of those past issues online, it will be much easier for people to search through them using keywords rather than flipping through page after page in our books.”

For people currently subscribed to print editions of either The Vienna Times or Goreville Gazette, a free e-Edition subscription is available to match their current print subscription dates. Registration is available online at either or with subscription renewal available as well. Customers can now easily renew their print subscriptions online and add an e-Edition subscription to it. The e-Edition subscription is also available on its own and quickly becoming a favorite among out-of-state subscribers.

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  1. wish you could please keep your paper on line i have missed so many articles on the buncombe fire dept. that my brother and sister in law has had several articles on them i live in texas and this is the only way i can keep up with my family and friends and all the news online newspapers my brother called and told me you all were online now was really excited about it so please keep the online edition online thanks god bless

  2. I really enjoy reading the e-edition, Lonnie.  Thank you so much for making this technology available.  My grandmother, Genevieve Trovillion, loves getting the print edition.  I also like the website design with lots of photos.

    Thanks! –Robert Salm